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Tractor Tech Contest/Results
Bellville FFA Tractor Tech Team State FFA Contest
State FFA Results: 2007- 9th Place Danny Brast, Lance Raeke, Lane Blezinger
2009- 8th Place Colby Krueger, Garrett Rinn, Keith Huffman
2010- 9th Place Taylor Claywell, Jonathan Spiess, Tanner Vacha
2012- 2nd Place Kendell Moreland, Ryan Gurarro, David Kelly
2014- 5th Place Dustin Adams, Tucker Long, Matthew Luedeker

Area III Results:
2007- 2nd place team/1st place high point ind.
2009- 4th place team/ 2nd place high point ind.
2010- 6th place team/7th place high point ind.
2011- 3rd place team/5th high point ind.
2012- 3rd place team
2013- 4th place team
2014- 4th place team
2016- 1st place team

Sealy/Brazos Tractor Tech Contest Results:
2007- 5th place team/1st place high point ind.        
2010- 5th place team
2012- 3rd & 4th place team

Austin County Tractor Tech Contest Results:
2011- 5th place team/1st place high point ind.
2013- 3rd place team/3rd place high point ind.

Gonzales FFA Inv Results:
2016- 1st Place team

The contest was split in to three divisions where contestants answered one hundred objective questions and appraised twenty components, parts, or service schematics from agricultural tractors and machines. They also recommend service, needed or not needed, for each component and gave service information. In Part III the team corrected deliberately placed malfunctions in a diesel tractor. Malfunctions could consist of electrical systems, engine, hydraulic, chassis, safety, or handling systems. The teams qualified for the State FFA Tractor Tech Contest to be held at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The contest will be held, at Reliant Center.
 This is a great honor for our students and our community.



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